Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Day 3 EBC Anoka

Day 3 for our EBC Anoka (mostly) team!

We started the day going to Peace Cycle, where the amazing owner/founder (Rose from Indiana) explained to our group the process of taking small plastic drinking bags from the streets and making them into useful products! Peace Cycle exists to help give Haitians employment, dignity and an amazing sense of community. I picked up some cool new checkers board for my kids and a square zipper pouch!

We then went to Teach Haiti which is a school with about 250 kids. We got to play during recess hopscotch, jump rope, soccer, basketball, and drawing on dry erase boards. They have a little boutique where merchandise is sold to support the children's education as well.

Our third stop of the day was the grocery store called Giant. Its very similar to grocery stores at home, with air conditioning (felt amazing) except they are slightly smaller and have less inventory on the shelves. I picked up some Mt. Dew, Pringles and Pop Tarts- the essentials of course;)

Our fourth stop for the day was at Papillion, which employs around 150 Haitians that make a wide variety of products (all the things that are at the market at Feed My Starving Children are from Papillion)! Papillion started with one woman (from Washington state) who came to Haiti to adopt a child, but soon realized that the child's mother actually wanted be reunited with the child, but because of a lack of income, she had no finances to support her child. So Papillion focuses on job creation to help with orphan prevention. I also need to mention that they have a great Clay Cafe upstairs, with super yummy pizza and sweet drinks!

Our last stop for the day was at La Phare, which is a smaller orphanage. We pulled out our tote of toys again- sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, soccer balls, a parachute and dry erase boards. It was so fun to see kids smiling and laughing with us! We marched in a circle, holding hands and singing playful, Haitian songs.

Its been two years since I have last been to Haiti. I am so inspired and awestruck at the progress of roads and buildings since my last visit. Things in Haiti change slowly, but its still progress and its beautiful!

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