Saturday, December 8, 2018

Severson - Day 4

The day began early as a few of us visited the nearby church for early morning service (6am). They gather everyday to fellowship with one another.  Preachin' completely in Creole with a few alleluias and most definitely was alive, as I felt the Spirit moving through the people.

The mission started out with the intention to deliver water and help take the filled basins, containers and buckets...whatever would hold water... to two locations within City Soleil with a break in between to help a few pastors bring warm food and cold drink to the elderly.

Watertruck was a bit more intense as it hasn't rained all week and we all know is very important. The dust kicking up into the back of the taptap, the heat...

The little girl found me from the day before...I'm guessing she was maybe three or four. Cute as much as she was sweet, I scooped her up. I did not know where her mami or papi were...we usually do not know these things. She stayed with me the whole time as I, most certainly, "adopted" her for the morning. The waterstops are filled with children and women hauling water. I thank God for choosing Healing Haiti, as His vehicle, to deliver it for free. May His light continue to breakthrough and grow here.

Next...we joined the pastors with their deliveries. Sometimes...we don't know how or when the Lord will intertwine accomplish what He has for us to do. As was for this one. What a divine appointment, as not all mission groups are able to accompany these particular visits. What a blessing it is to be able to hold hands and pray with the people. As we headed into our fourth home, our eyes were opened to the desperate care the individual was needing. As we laid hands on her and prayed, our team leader, literally, transpired into the "voice for the voiceless". We did not know exactly what was ailing her, the obvious need for medical support was evident. She was transported to a nearby clinic and later she was able to be admitted into a hospital for proper care. As we were walking back to the taptap...we overheard a random man speak out, pretty loudly, to our translator...we didn't know if it was a good interaction or not...but our interpreter told us that what he was expressing was that if we are willing to help the lady....then he truly would start to believe for what the mission was all about. Who knows who this man was or why he was where he was, but glory to God for moving through all our prayers and connecting the hearts of the decision makers to take the immediate action that was needed. not only would helping this lady affect the man on the side of the road...but how that would domino into something much greater...much more integrated than what we could ever imagine...definitely...something only the Lord would be able to orchestrate.

God continue to bless this beautiful land. May the people rise up and be strong together. May they have unity within their cities, within their families. May they be Your light, shining to the nations. May their chains be broken and may they be ultimate conquerers in You. In Jesus's holy name, we all say...amen. 12-7-18 Julie

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