Saturday, November 3, 2018

EBC Spring Lake Park Day 5: Grace Village, Elders, HDA, Fleri; November 2nd

Hello friends and family! Take a seat and grab a snack because it was a busy day. We woke up bright and early this morning to be on the tap tap at 5:45 for church (believe it or not, all 17 of us made it there on time). While it was still dark out, we arrived at Church on the Rock for a unique church experience. It was amazing to see how people of different cultures worship the same God. Even though most of it was in Creole, it was powerful to witness God working in the people there.

After breakfast, we spent some time at the mass graves, a memorial for those who died and were affected by the earthquake that struck in January of 2010. It has a beautiful location at the top of a mountain in Titanyen. Our translator, Smith, shared his memories with us from that day. It was hard for him to share these difficult memories but he explained how the earthquake united all Haitians, no matter their age or wealth. Taking some time to reflect on this event was a beautiful and moving way to start our afternoon.

After the memorial, we had an amazing time visiting the elders in the area. There were some heart melting moments while we danced and sang with them. It was clear that they love visitors and we were so happy to be able to pray over them. Most of them live in tiny houses on the side of the mountain but continue to have an incredibly inspiring faith.

After elder visits, we had the opportunity to tour Grace Village. The tour was led by long term missionary, Caleb. We got to see the beautiful homes the children live in, classrooms, clinic and more. We spent some time playing and laughing with all the kids in Grace Village.

Our next stop was a tour at the Haitian Deaf Academy. The kids there loved teaching us sign language and showing us our own name signs. Their joy was completely contagious and it was a privilege to visit the organization and hear from the couple who founded it.

We had a great chance to relax and eat some za (pizza!) at Fleri. This bakery is a part of Grace Village. The long term missionary there, Jake, impressed us with how much growth the bakery has had over a short amount of time. The business has taken off by selling bread at wholesale prices to street vendors. By doing this, Fleri is able to support many people within the community. It’s no surprise that “Fleri” means “flourish” in Haitian Creole. We loved chilling out in the restaurant and playing an intense game of Jenga. It was an incredible and busy day. 

Here are our words of the day:
Elaine: Flourish
Anna: Beauty
Mary: Above
Callie: Smile
Chloe: Nudged
Andee: Family
Bill: Overwhelmed
Cindy: Profound
Ellie: Dance
Meredeth: Empathy
Wayne: Humbled
Steve: Dedication
Chris: Faith

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