Saturday, November 3, 2018

EBC Spring Lake Park Day 6: Water Truck #2 & Cite Soleil Elders

About 3 seconds into this blog and Stuart Little scampered across the guest house. We’re now in full blown mouse catching mode - Anna equipped with a large bowl hopping from couch to couch trying to find him (photo included). To say this is entertaining would be an understatement.

I will keep you updated with our mouse hunt, in the meantime I’ll share some highlights from our 6th day in Haiti: We started out with breakfast, devotion, & prayer. All a little sad that it was our last full day of serving. We all jumped into the tap-tap and headed into Cite Soleil for our second water truck day. As we were waiting for the water truck to arrive we got a tour of the brand new technology pod outside of Hope School. The pod is a classroom the size of a shipping container equipped with Ipads, high definition tvs, interactive teaching applications such as Osmo, and high speed internet. This gives Hope School the opportunity to teach their kids with technology that they would have no access to otherwise.

After the tour we went right into our water truck duties. For some reason this stop seemed more chaotic than the others with water buckets lined up all the way down the street. We filled buckets and gave lots of love to the kiddos and families until the truck ran out of water.

After delivering water we got the awesome opportunity to visit a few elders in the community through the new Cite Soleil elder program. To be able to visit elders in the center of Cite Soleil and inside their homes was unbelievable – it’s hard to put into words. When we visited the first woman she beamed with happiness – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smile that big. She hugged a couple of us girls and wouldn’t let go, it was powerful. As soon as we arrived she said “my family is here.” We got to sing and pray over her and a few others who really needed it. We were only able to give them 10 minutes of our time but they cherished every second and I truly think we were able to lift their spirits.

Update on our mouse hunt: Stuart found his way back outside. Phew.

The day ended at Papillion, a partner organization that makes jewelry, mugs, and other gifts out of clay and recycled material. Papillion shares a similar vision with Healing Haiti: Job creation. They currently employ over 200 Haitians, many that are single parents providing for their families alone.

Just another memorable day in Haiti.


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