Friday, October 20, 2017



Today started with a second day of tent church for a few of us. It moves us to tears to see believers completely abandoned to Jesus. They may be poor in things but rich in faith. It is a beautiful sight to see.

After breakfast, we stopped at Peace Cycle to tour a water bag recycle company. Haitians go through 5 million water bags in a day and Peace Cycle reuses these plastic bags to make wallets, pencil bags, hats, aprons, costars, and lots of purses/hand bags.

We then made our way to the 3 hands sculpture where we stopped to pray and give food to a blind beggar. We came to find out that he did have Jesus in his heart. He asked for prayer to have his sight restored, rides to get to church, and finances. Since it was in a busy round-a-bout we drew a crowd as we laid hands on him to pray for his healing. He thanked us and said we were an answer to prayer. This was indeed a beautiful exchange as we were all moved with compassion and love for this man. We shared with him that God still sees him and he is never forgotten. This statement was also moving for our team as well as we will never forget this experience and the way God was present in that moment.

Next stop was another Water Truck visit to Cite Soleil. With a few members sick some were worried about having less hands to help, but with the grace of God it felt like an easier day than our previous water truck day. Many were able to reconnect with Haitians they connected with on Wednesday or previous trips. It was a great reminder of God's great community. Some of the team ventured down alleys into their homes to deliver water and they were very happy and blessed that we were just with them. The Haitians just wanted to give back with whatever they had. When one member of the team got hurt the Haitian ladies took care of her by doing her hair and were just glad to be in her presence.

We ended the day with an anticipated shopping trip to Help support this great organization who are providing rehabilitation to the families in Haiti by creating jobs.

Glwa Pou Bondye (Glory to God)
~Beth, Tara, Ann, and Ariel

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