Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day 1~ Monday, October 23

Day 1 - Monday morning started rather early. The limo`s came for us about 3:00 am with planes taking  off around 6:00 am.  The flights were good even though Atlanta had heavy rain.  The team from around the country converged in Atlanta and, after some greetings and hugs for friends from last year, we all walked to the food court for a quick lunch. The team, fourteen people, is comprised of people ranging from first timers to those who have been on seven or eight trips. 

The flight from Atlanta to Port-au-Prince was jam packed.  We noticed several  members of other mission organizations on the flight with us. Once we landed, immigration and customs was moving rather quickly and we experienced far less problems than on previous years.

After we got settled in our rooms we had a short team meeting. We needed to review the rules, some for our safety and others for other reasons.  There was a period of introductions where we talked about who we are and why we continue to come on Healing  Haiti mission trips. For many, it appeared to be that the first experience was such a blessing  that they are compelled to continue.  

We held hands around the supper table as one of the team gave thanks to God for the fellowship, the blessing of the trip experience and the food on the table. After supper many hands made short work of cleaning and washing the dishes.  It's a great start to our trip.

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