Friday, October 27, 2017

Day 4~ Thursday, October 26th

Thursday day 4

This morning, before breakfast, I looked around at the early reisers. Some were reading things about Haiti. Others were studying English to Creoel flash cards. Yesterday, one of the team members helped me get a Creoel language application for my phone which I have started to study. Today, we are going to visit a place called Grace Village. We were there last year and I am looking forward to seeing the progress they have made in the past year.

The drive to Grace Village was encouraging in its own right because we saw so much new building underway.  Then, as we got close to Grace Village compound, we saw new construction there as well. However, the truly blessed thing was to see the way the methods of housing and educating the children have evolved.  The orphans are housed  in a family environment, where they have a mommy and poppy supervisor.  They eat their meals together and everyone has chores to do.  The point is, they are being taught group dynamics and family life skills in addition to the academic skills.

Another major change was in the quality of their computer room and library. They have many more books in English, French and Creoel.  They are also love books in Spanish.  These children are getting a rich learning environment. One that should prepare them to enter a job market and succeed.

After leaving Grace Village, we drove down the hill to their bakery where we picked up some cookies we ordered the day before.  From there we went to visit one of the 30 or so elders that are supported by Healing Haiti.  We brought a hot meal, washed her feet and rubbed body  lotion on her arms and legs. We asked what she needed. Like batteries for her electronic Bible, padding for her bed etc. Before we left, we  sang a couple of hymns. I can only speak for myself, but the action of washing feet as my Lord did with the disciples, always is a very moving experience for me.

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