Thursday, October 26, 2017

Day 3~ Wednesday 25th

Wednesday Day 3
Today was very different from yesterday.  We went to three different water truck stops.  The lines for water were very long and, of course there were impatient people who wanted to  cut into the front of the line.  We did the best we could to keep order and minimize the line cutting but, it was impossible to stop it.  We also saw some ingenious souls who brought barrels that must have held at least 30 gallons or more.  When we filled their barrel and helped them slide it out of the line, they then proceeded to have a companion dip in a small bucket and once filled, carry  it home while they stood guard over the barrel.  I saw small children having 5 gallon buckets of water onto their head and walking back home with it.  At our second stop I learned why there may have been so many attempts to cut into the line.  We ran out of water while there was still a moderate sized line of people waiting.  It is heart breaking to tell them the water is gone and leave them standing there with empty buckets.

At the water stops there were so many little children that were just looking for someone to pick them up and hug them.  And, they swarmed the people with the cameras.  They got such joy from having their picture taken and then showing them the picture of themselves.

In between the  water stops we made side trips while the water truck was being refilled. We stopped at a fishing wharf  where saw some single mast boats  and row boats.  For me, the  most interesting thing were the  small make shift awnings with clusters of people sitting eating lunch and listening  to music.  It was hard to tell if they were family of the men doing the fishing or just out to have a picnic by the water.  I suspect it was a bit of both.

At one break between water stops we went to a plot of ground that Healing Haiti has just purchased.  This area (about 25 acres)  currently has many fruit trees growing on it.  There were coconuts,  Guavas,  plantains and several other fruits i don't remember.  Healing Haiti has hired a doctor who specializes on plants to manage the area and transform it into  a useful agracultural area where they can teach Haitian people good farming skills.  And, possibly grow some cash crops to help sustain the program.

We stopped at Hope church. What a blessing to see the progress being made there.  There are new buildings that weren't there last year.  They are a K-2 school where children re being taught not only how to read, but also the value of being in school.  There is also a planned feeding area which should be in operation soon.  While we were there, classes let out.  It may be that class finished a bit early because our presence may have disrupted the class.  Several of the children raced over to us and I learned a new game they liked to play.  Hand slapping.  The harder the better.  They appeared to take great pleasure if you would say OUCH and make a face when they slapped you hand.  I loved it.  They also liked to run up and grab my cam and run off to have their picture taken wearing my cap. All in all, a God filled day.

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