Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Slumberland Team - Delivering Water to Cité Soleil / Part 2

Day one has been truly amazing. Even after multiple people tried preparing me for what was to come while serving on the water truck, it just wasn't enough.

We pulled up to a "district" to deliver the water to the community and what seemed like 100 kids came rushing up and jumped in our arms. And they just wanted affection. So, affection is what they were going to get. We danced, we laughed, we tickled, and we sang....they were so happy! Happiness in its most raw state, as we were providing them with something that we all take for granted....water.

Then Hope Church....WOW! This place was a true spectacular, especially given the back story of what the property once was. I stood in awe. I even found myself wondering what the church service and worship would be like there. 

The day is almost over now and I find it easier to just sit and embrace the world around me. GOD is good and I am SO thankful that he gave me the opportunity to serve here.

Kevin Peak

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