Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Slumberland Team - Day 3 (part 1)

Another amazing day with the Slumberland crew in Haiti!!  We spent our morning touring Grace Village.  Enough cannot be said about the work that they are doing to heal Haiti.  I was blown away by the magnitude and organization of their mission.   In addition to a family style orphanage and a full-blown K-13 school, Grace Village is also home to a clinic providing most basic medical care and a dentist.  There is also a bakery and restaurant where they train Haitians in trades they can use, a garden, and a library/media center for the school students to use. Of course they have an amazing church with several services for the Haitian people to attend.  It was incredible to see all of the awesome things that they are able to do that will sustainably help the people of Haiti.

The second part of our day was spent serving elders in the Haitian community.  These elders are a part of the Healing Haiti church community.  We visited them in their homes and brought them gifts of food provided by donations collected by the Slumberland team.  We were able to serve these elders through foot washes, light massages, and comforting words.   We sang hymns to them while they received our love and we ended our visits with a group prayer for whatever they requested prayers for.  We were able to visit Pierre, Lauremise, Jude Jean Paul, Ophane, and a surprise visit to Lindor.  

It was a humbling and uplifting day in Haiti.  We pray that tomorrow will be as full and blessed as the first few days of our journey!


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