Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Economic Success - Wayzata EBC

The first full day was informative to some economic success in job creation for Haitains. We toured a facility that creates sandals and other goods out of upcycled tires! The founder, an American came and met a Haitian who encouraged her to give her a job, not charity.  Julie, the American has since worked with others to multiply this blessing. Then we toured a school that is a huge improvement for the education of Haitian children in improving their chances to attain a professional job after graduating. The young children having a sort of recess, were overjoyed to play with us. The director told us her moving story of joining her adopted sisters in MN when she was a young adult, and being blessed with education in the US to become the director of education she is today.  When she was a child she dreamed of becoming a nurse, but as an adult decided to give back to her Haitian community, from seeing the need. God's work was alive in her. Then we toured a gift shop of beads, pottery, and other arts all created by workers we got to see in action. These are fair jobs to support their families. Every item we purchased yesterday was important to the survival of the worker's family. They love showing us their work. We are feeling blessed with the welcoming Healing Haiti staff, the beautiful guesthouse, and the delicious food. The day also brought connection as the team members get to know each other and support each other in our faith walk. Today we will help disperse water from the generous Healing Haiti water truck the three different desperate locations of Haitiains,
Wayzata Eaglebrook team

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