Monday, January 28, 2019

Day One- Travel and Smiles

Our trip started differently then we expected. A snow storm was preventing the MN folks from getting on their flight to Atlanta. God was pulling for us and all but one arrived in Atlanta last night. We met up this morning and boarded our flight to Haiti. The mountains here are incredible! The trees are lush and green, and flowers are abundant. We arrived at our beautiful guest house around 3. Me and Kate were looking off of our roof and noticed a yard full of goats and chickens! Two small girls wandered into our view and started to dance and pose for photos. The shouted to us, "Boto!" They wanted their photo taken! The five younger girls (Kate, Libby, Sophie, Amelia, and I) wanted to go play with them, so after a delicious meal (taco bowls), we brought soccer balls and jump ropes and played. The smiles on these kids faces were unforgettable! We are so thankful for how God has cleared the way for us and are excited for what more he has!

Clare B.


  1. How fun to read your post. Thanks for sharing your experience. What an opportunity to do meaningful work.

  2. Awesome! Praying for fruitfulness for your time there!

  3. Sooo thankful for your posts! Answered prayers already. God is with you!