Friday, January 18, 2019

SV Day Four - Grace Village, Elder Visits, Fleri Resto

Today we enjoyed a powerful day in the city of Titanyen.  We started our day at Grace Village taking a tour of the school, clinic, library, IT center and family housing.  The children were excited to have us there and many joined us during the tour, holding our hands and grabbing hugs and piggy back rides.  

We ventured off into the city to meet our four elders Lindor, Felice, Sitalia and Guerline .  While there we worshiped with them, washed their hands and feet, rubbed lotion on their bodies, and prayed with them for their needs.  We were so blessed as each elder asked us to pray for ourselves, as well.
Our final stop of the day was at Fleri Bakery and restaurant where we had the opportunity to tour the facility and see the growth, development and community impact through job creation the bakery has had on Titanyen.  And yes, we got to eat the pizza too!
Our time with the elders was the most powerful and spiritually gratifying experience our team has had to this point; it touched each one of us personally and as a team.  The selflessness of the Haitian elders was beautiful and inspiring, and we all look forward to carrying that with us upon our return home. 
God showed up in mighty way today.

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