Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Eagle Brook Team 1 - Day 2

Oct 16, 2018

Everyone had different words to describe what happened today. Joy, awe, proud, humbling, and intriguing are just a few of them.

Three of our team members joined the other team on their water truck day, but the rest of us spent the morning at Sweet Home, an orphanage that also provides its children with schooling.

The kids were adorable in their bright yellow uniforms, their hands on the shoulders of the kid in front of them, as they left their classrooms for break. As soon as their teachers let them, they started running around, playing soccer, hopping on the merry-go-round, and hiding under the parachute we had brought along. The bubbles were a favorite too.

Their faces were full of a joy that soon spread throughout our team.

After Sweet Home, we visited Papillon. Papillon is a marketplace for artisans. The artists are given space to create their paper bead jewelry, stamped metal, clay mugs, and hand-sewn dolls. If you’ve ever volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, you’d definitely recognize some of these artists’ pieces in the shop there. 

Papillon is so dedicated to helping the artists support their families that they even have a free daycare for their children ages 0-3 and preschool for ages 4-6. This allows the artists to see to their child’s needs on breaks and gives the kids a head start on their education.

Getting back to our Healing Haiti compound was an adventure. There’s a lot of road work being done at the moment, so our driver had to turn around several times. He was trying to take backroads, but it didn’t work very well this time. A group of school kids watched us pass by at least three or four times…they definitely had a good laugh.

We were laughing a lot on the drive too because we were playing some soccer in the back of the tap tap. Bumpy roads, lots of feet, and wide goals make for an interesting game.

The road work also prevented us from visiting the Home for Sick and Dying Babies in the afternoon. We were all disappointed to miss the opportunity to love and comfort these children of God, but were grateful that we were able to play with some of His other children this morning.

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