Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day 5- Two is better than one

  Today, after breakfast and devotions with the family we headed out to the ‘Tap Tap’. We travled to get and deliver free clean water. Healing Haiti delivers FREE CLEAN WATER. A lot of Haitian  cannot afford to pay for clean water for their families so this is a HUGE deal. It makes us think about how spoiled we really are. We discard even cleaner water like it is nothing, meanwhile, children are trying so hard to take a shower from the excess water coming off from the water truck. We helped pour water into buckets, carry the very heavy buckets for the women and children that have to carry them, and love on the children. We had two, three and sometimes four children at the same time hanging on us. The children are so sweet to us. We held and hugged many children. We received some kisses from a young boy. The love that we showed them is significant to them, the same way they have been significant to our lives. As we interacted and helped, it made us feel so full of the love of God. It was very hard for us as we were leaving because we had to leave behind a little baby boy who seemed to be unwanted. For some of us we know that feeling of rejection very well. We believe and pray that God will move someone to love and take care of that precious boy.

 Wow! God is doing a GREAT work in the lives of people all over the world. We are coming together in cooperation as the body of Christ, as brothers and sisters serving the Lord and others. In the midst of all the sorrow there is still beauty.

  Later on in our day, we visited the ‘Museum of the Haitian National Pantheon’. We learned all about the history of Haiti.

  Every evening we take the time to talk about our day, share testimonies, pray and worship together. Every night is a little different but tonight during our time, I could see that we became a lot closer today. We are so joyful and grateful to be here together as a team forming strong bonds. Tomorrow is our last day here in Haiti and we all have bittersweet feelings about leaving. God has done so much in us and we do not want that to fade away. We plan to keep growing closer to God. God has blessed our relationships so that we will have each other to lean on even after the trip. Two is better than one.

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