Friday, August 10, 2018

Day 4:

Thursday’s Blog:

Good Evening, Today we had the privilege to go to two different orphanages, the first being Sweet Home. This orphanage was a different experience then others that I have visited in Haiti, I was so impressed with the conditions of this place, the kids where very well taken care of with great living and sleeping conditions. This was remarkable to me because it showed what proper funding can truly do for the children, we had the pleasure to play with these children and do crafts with them. The second was Dios which is a orphanage for disabled children, this experience was a heart turner for me seeing these kids living with some very difficult disabilities in conditions that are the best that can be had but so far from our normal in the states, but being able to spend time and play and do crafts was such an amazing experience. Loving these kids up and being part of there day was a heart warming memory I will never forget. As a father on this trip with my two oldest boys I couldn’t be more proud of there hearts and compassion they have showed in ever experience that we have had these last few days how much they are turning into men that I’m proud to call my sons. My heart is overcome with joy to be there father!  
Sam Greenwood

Hello! if you are reading this, thank you for your interest in our trip and the things going on in it. Today was a mellow day, but still filled with the intense love we have brought to every task on this trip. We started with a pancake breakfast, graciously made by our healing haiti staff. Soon came time to get on the tap-tap (our mode of transportation), we set out to “Sweet Home”, which is a orphanage that had kids from age 2-7. We shared our love with the children and it was returned whole-heartedly. Our next stop was “Dios” which was an orphanage for children who are handicapped either mentally, physically, or both. We did many things with the kids such as make bead necklaces, color transparent crosses, and kick around the soccer ball, or as the Haitians would call it, fútbol. The time spent with the children taught the team how valuable expanding your horizons can be. It also taught me personally to remember the golden rule, treat others the way you would like to be treated. 
Austin Greenwood 

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