Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Schauer/Kittleson Team Day 3

Hello, Ford here.

            Today I woke up and practiced karate. I think I will be able to move up to orange belt. We woke up and had eggs, toast, banana. I drink mango water. We headed out at approximately 2 hours after 7:00, 9:00. We went to the first water stop. I find many children.  They approached me with hugs. I give back hug. Just so you know I am 10 + 3=13 (I am 13). Like I was saying when we got to the first stop I gave lots of hugs and helped others by carrying water. The second stop was the same just a different area. Some people there I remember from the first stop. In the tap tap I practiced some more karate. I didn’t really I just imagined myself practicing karate. By the way I know karate. Between different water truck locations we stopped at a place called hope church and school. After our last time at the chool (church and school combined into a word) we went and visited elders in there homes. We introduced ourselves, sang to them, prayed, and at the end gave them a gift. Today was a good day. We had pasta with meat and veggies. The rest of the strangers went over to the pit of soccer. When there I put acorn in someone’s shoes. We come back inside and have team time. We look photos from the day. They then glued my hands to this computer to talk to this thing called the blog. Goodbye now. BTW we made it back safe. Just so you know I am very good karate.

-Ford Arant

We are all doing great and having an awesome time. We hugged lots of kids and carried lots of buckets today. We are feeling so blessed to be the Hands and Feet of Christ this week. Thank you for all of your continued thoughts and prayers!

-Schauer/Kittleson Team

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