Friday, June 8, 2018

Special Friends

This whole week has been so amazing and every day I am reminded of why I absolutely adore this country. The beauty that I see at every place that we stop is more than I could ever imagine. Today has been one of my favorite days of the week because we went to an orphanage for special needs children. I have always loved being around this kids and love to see the joy that they have all the time. The laughter and love they bring to every person they encounter fills my heart so much. I would spend all week with children if I could. Today and yesterday I have been focusing on just stopping to look around and appreciate the color and bliss that is seen everywhere here.

The country of Haiti is definitely one of my favorite places to be in whole world. The beauty of the land and the people is so undeniable. Since the day I got home last year I have been looking forward to coming back and I couldn't be happier that I came!      -Madison Munger

There have been so many inspiring experiences this week in Haiti. Today we started bright and early worshiping God at The Church On The Rock at 6AM. We got a glimpse of what celebrating God means in Haiti. People would be walking around dancing, shuffling, pacing, lifting hands high in the air while the pastor would shout truths and prayers. Intermingled between the spoken word, the band would lead us in singing. It was such an amazing experience praising in the Holy Spirit while having no clue what was being said.
            From church we voyaged out into Cite Soleil to do our second water day. Basically the people come out of the woodwork to line up/crowd around the water truck. We have two people man the hose and fill the 5-gallon buckets, tubs, or barrels. The containers get swooshed to the side for the next bucket to get filled. The rest of the team is hand selected by kids or women to get help carrying the water to their house. There are so many precious little children who will walk up and lift their arms out for you to pick them up and love on them. I tend to get the biggest kids who want me to hold them. Most of the time I have two kids in my arms and another one to two holding my hand walking by my side. All the boys and girls want to touch my hair and compare how strong our muscles are. It is so endearing. Today there was this most adorable little girl who gave me a huge smile and handed me her prized possession. The kids are so desperate to own something to call their own that pick up any random piece of trash and protect it with their life.
            We also had the opportunity to see the 28-acre farm in progress Fleri, which means “Flourish”. They are testing which crops grow the best. Some are bananas, mangoes, lime, avocado, sugar cane, and papaya. The day ended with a trip to a special needs orphanage called Dios. It was such an uplifting feeling walking in and having kids just greet you with the biggest hug. We had chalk, crayons, and bubble machines. One boy named Emerson took some chalk and wrote his name on the ground and asked me to write my name. He instantly recognized that our names started with the same letter. The kids were so smart, full of joy and curiosity. The fish bubble machines were also a hit. I helped the kids hold the machine and spray bubbles all around. They loved to press the button to turn it off and on. So many hugs and smiles that would melt your heart. What a blessing!   Eric Muras

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