Thursday, January 18, 2018

Serenity Village Community Church - Thursday 01/18/18

Montfort School for the Deaf

This morning came quickly and not unexpected. We all knew that today was going to be a challenge. But we also knew that there would be some decompression time. Breakfast is always amazing.

Stop 1: Haiti Teen Challenge
The ride to the Boys Teen Challenge was typical, crazy and seemingly bumpy. We rode in the blue tap-tap! Boys Teen Challenge was an unexpected surprise and had super rewards. As we toured the facility and observed two class sessions, one of the group members suggested asking if we could share our related story with the group. They gave the ok and Erik and Tim knocked it out of the park. The boys were then moved to share their stories. They were raw and true and filled with hope for a future.

Stop 2: The Metal Market
It was a hoot! Raechell helped barter with a vendor so I got a good deal on 5 items! That was fun!

Stop 3: Montfort School for the Deaf
The orphanage/school was difficult. The entire team jumped in and played with about 40-50 kids. We all had to use the universal body language (i.e. smile) to communicate. We used white boards to write, but many wrote in Creole (some in English) which was a challenge for me and others. However, we had a super time! The gifts of love and kindness that we received far exceed the gifts of love we gave. These Haitian children have nothing, but have more, in some ways, than we do. We are blessed to have this time with them and thank God for this opportunity to serve.

Stop 4: Healing Haiti Guest House Dinner & Team Time
We all had some decompressing back at the guest house and it was special tonight. Clearly the emotional former days we've spent in Haiti has taken it's toll on our emotional core. There were tears tonight, laughter tonight, love tonight and prayer tonight. This team is amazing!!!!!


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