Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Serenity Village Community Church - Tuesday 1/16/18

Day Two.

Today was our first full day of ministering to the Haitians. We started out our day with an awesome breakfast prepared by two wonderful Haitian ladies.

After breakfast, we headed out to No Place Like Home, which is an orphanage. While we were there we loved on some babies and were able to spend sometime with the older kids once they were on break from classes. We spent time blowing bubbles, jump roping, coloring and playing with cars. We also got a tour of the orphanage and were able to see where the kids stay, their classrooms, and the new building that allows for 50 more kids. Check out their website at www.nplhome.org.

Our next stop was at the Apparent Project/Papillon, to eat lunch and to take a tour of their operation. It’s crazy to think it all started when an American lady came to Haiti to adopt a child. However, the family didn’t want to give up their child simply because they couldn’t provide for them. Instead, the lady came up with a plan to train and employ those in need so they are able to provide for their own families. We were also able to see the kiln that Serenity Village Community Church blessed them Apparent Project/Papillon. You can visit their website and purchase items at www.papillon-enterprise.com.

We did a quick stop back at the guesthouse and then we were off again to split up into two teams to visit two different orphanages. One was the home for sick and dying babies the other was for children with special needs. Both places impacted many of our team members in different ways. One of our team members mentioned as they held the babies close to their heart, they calmed down. It’s undeniable, the connection that transcends through our hearts when we are listening to God’s heart. If we are close to Him, we will experience His peace and love like nothing before.

Although we are only here for a week, we are making an impact for a lifetime. We believe we are a small portion of the big picture.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~Mother Teresa

Good Night from Haiti!

Robin & T

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