Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hendrickson/Severson - Peace Cycle and LaPherre's - Tuesday, December 12th

Today has been a day of good emotions. After breakfast we took another exciting ride in a Tap Tap (Haitian version of a ministry van) to Peace Cycle a place that recycles used plastic water bags and makes wallets, hats, bags, purses, stockings, aprons etc. out of them. It was really cool getting to see the simple yet innovative process that they use. It also helps keep the streets clean and employees Haitians. We were able to buy some of the products, which was really cool being able to help the economy and go away with something that was practical and would be used back home. Then we headed to Fleri Farms ( Fleri means flourish in Creole) which is a 28 acre farm that Healing Haiti owns that produces bananas, avocados, mangos, limes, coconuts, sugar cane and other fruits that I can’t remember. The farm employees Haitians and also provides food for the area. They have a vision of enlarging the farm to produce more fruits and add chickens and cows. One job at the Farm will provide a living for 14 Haitians. Which is unbelievable and amazing! We also went to a small grocery store and it was cool to see some of the similar products that we have back home along with some unique ones to the Haitian culture. I was kind of surprised at the wide selection of meat that was available. After lunch and a little R and R we loaded up into the Tap Tap and headed off on another exciting ride to an orphanage where we were blessed by the kids as much as we were a blessing to them. When we arrived the kids came out and hand selected a member of the team. We got to spend time loving on them, singing with them, tossed the Frisbee, jump rope and painted designs on the faces and arms. At first the kids were not too sure about the face painting but after we starting painting the first brave soul then we were swarmed with kids tugging at our arms to paint them. It was a great time just being able to hang out with the kids and love on them. When we left all the kids gave each of us hugs, which was really sweet. With all the good going on you know that Satan has to try his best at disrupting the blessings of God. During our group time in the evening one of the members didn’t feel well. It was probably a combination of the long day, having a reaction to the home remedy bug spray and medication. But God had our team prepared for this attack from Satan. There were a few of us that had medical training and background that we were able to take care of the situation and the team member is now fine and doing well. It also gave us an opportunity to gather together and pray with one mind. Today was a long emotional day but a very good day! We all took something different away from the events throughout the day and it was great seeing the team work together and witnessing people coming out of their shells and opening up. Everyone was touched by the kids at the orphanage. And everyone tried stuff that they weren’t use too. All in all a very good and blessed day. Kevin

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  1. Hey Kevin how you doing.
    Sounds like you are having an exciting time.
    I forget when things go good then satan tries to mess it up!!