Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hendrickson/Severson - Friday, December 15, 2017

Today was overwhelming. Filled with love. Filled with grief. Quite the emotional experience. To describe it and give it any justice whatsoever…I don’t think I can. Atleast not give it what I want to give it…like include all the feelings behind the words. This morning, we were blessed to spend worship with the community here. I felt God’s presence. I felt God’s love. As I knelt down to pray with a lady, we had one sole thing connecting us, and that was God’s unending, everlasting love. As we sat there, holding each other, loving each other, praising our Lord, in union….it seriously was probably the best part of my day. And it had only just begun. As I found a spot to be seated, my heart sang out to the one God that heals, the one God that saves, the one God that has reign over all mankind. Alleluiah! That was what my heart repeatedly cried out. Ah-Le-Luuuu-yah…. The day just continued like that. And I completely believe that every step was already orchestrated and planned. From the water stops, to the Haitian Initiative, to Home For the Sick and Dying Babies and Children….everyone had a different role. Everyone had a unique purpose and I truly believe that the team was able to touch the hearts of many today. So many hurting, but yet so many living a happy life. The innocence of the children. The love. The frustration. The pain. The hurt. Every emotion was felt today and I came home overwhelmed and exhausted. I humble myself to the only one that can bring peace to all this. I give God the glory because I know through him all things are possible. Even though, we were not able to reach everyone that our hearts so desired to reach, I do believe that we did our whole-hearted part and I thank God for the strength He gave us to press on, even when we were weak. The ears to hear, the eyes to see, the voice to speak…and not to speak. My heart hurts for this country and I can’t describe the pain, but there is hope. Love remains and God is still King. May we continue to be the hands and feet and heal Haiti. Julie

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