Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Bridge Team - Day 1 (AM)

On the one hand grief, on the other hand hope. This morning we visited an orphanage where nearly all of the children had been voluntarily placed there by parents who were unable to care for them. The parents are able to visit the children monthly, and each child is well cared for by nannies and teachers. It was a true joy to visit with the children and their caretakers today. It is a sad reality that many of the children who reside in orphanages in Haiti are not "true" orphans, but rather live there because the lack of employment here makes it difficult for parents to provide for their children. My heart aches for parents who feel they have no other option.

This is one of the reasons, I am so passionate about Apparent Project/Papillion Enterprises and the work they do in Haiti. Apparent Project employs 267 Haitians who are able to support their families and keep their families intact. We were able to shop at  the Papillion Enterprises store...and spend nearly all of the money we brought with us! There is also a restaurant with pizza, smoothies and lattes above the store. After shopping, we were able to take a tour of the facility and watch the artisans at work. Apparent Project has an on-site daycare for all of the employees to utilize as well as a training center where employees can learn computer skills and English. 

You guys, I have so much joy at the work that is happening here in Haiti through this ministry and one woman's vision to transform a community through job creation. While it is a special gift to serve at an orphanage, and make a child smile, knowing that a mom can rock her own baby tonight because I bought a pizza in Haiti, or you bought a bracelet from my Apparent Project party- that thrills my heart. Thank you to each one of you who have purchased jewelry from this awesome company. I hope these pictures make your heart happy, and fill you with hope at the work God is doing here.


This is Viola. She is sewing dresses for Haitian Friend dolls, which represent 12 of the larger cities in Haiti.

Haitians understand community. It permeates everything they do, from home to work. 

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