Friday, October 6, 2017

Hamilton Team - Friday

Happy Friday from Haiti,

Before I go into some detail, I will sum up the day in a few words that were spoken by the team: special, blessing, intimate, and heaven. Our day started bright and early at 5:45; thankfully Tom made us some nice, strong Haitian coffee (as he always does). Our amazing security guy on duty dropped us off about a mile down the road at a local baptist church where we got to spend an hour or so singing, shouting, and dancing in worship to our Creator. It was a very special experience, yet very different than what most of us where used to, but beautiful that we were so welcomed in, as foreigners, to worship as one Church. 
Next we took a very bumpy drive across Port-Au-Price, to a desert-like town by the sea called Titanyen. Here we visited four elderly adults to bring them some food and drink, wash their feet, sing worship songs, pray, and provide whatever other basic care we could give. I will never forget one man in particular, Lindor, the joy of the Lord in this man’s being is inexpressible. I can name on my two hands the items that he can claim to his name and the meal we brought him was quite possibly the only meal he would eat that day, and yet he had everything-the presence of the Lord was so clearly alive in him and all he wanted from us was prayer for his eternity.
The rest of the afternoon we spent in Grace Village (a 50 acre gated plot of land in the mountains neighboring Titanyen). Grace Village consists of a school that educates over 400 children ranging from 3 years old to mid-twenties, an orphanage of 41 children, Grace church, a  bakery that supplies the community with up to 50 jobs, and a restaurant with some great pizza. 

Rejoining our team tonight was a really beautiful few moments-everyone a little worn out, yet so at peace and so much joy. As we shared the joys of the day, JoAnn reflected on the beauty that heaven will be when we will reunite with our fellow brother’s and sister’s from around the world in worship our great and awesome God. 

Jezi Renmen Ou (Jesus Loves you)


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