Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Word of the Day for August 2

Each day we debrief our experiences by each picking a word of the day and describing why we picked that word. 

Lauren - Sing
Both times I’ve been to a special needs orphanage Austin has sung loud both times and it brings me to tears. And we tend to sing a lot on the tap tap on our ministry team.

Emmy - Music
Like Lauren said, at the orphanage me and Shayla had a really touching moment then because when the first song started we started balling. 
The second thing is earlier Emma and I were singing to a bunch of worship songs and that was really cool.

Lea - Sweat
Today was really physically hard for me. I don’t do super well with heat. Most of the day my reaction was when can I get out of this and the thing that just kept sitting in my life is that getting out of this was a question I could ask but for most people in Haiti they can’t get out of it. 
It makes me really thankful and admiring of the Haitians. 

Annika S - Overwhelmed
I got a little emotional during worship and my heart breaks for the people of Haiti. I wish I could do more to help. I am also overwhelmed in a good way, I have felt distant from God lately but today he was right with me. 

Noelle - Experience
I was nervous going into the special needs orphanage but I absolutely loved it. I could do it every day. 

Tori - Chosen
At the special needs orphanage I looked around and it felt like God specifically chose a child for each of us. I held onto one of the kids almost the entire time until we had to leave.

Braeden - Fun 
When I held onto a little boy at the special needs orphanage it was pretty much the entire time but it didn’t feel like that long at all. I guess time flies when you are having fun. 

Joanna - Holy Spirit 
When I walked into the special needs orphanage I felt goose bumps the entire time even though it was over 90 degrees. I felt the Holy Spirit comforting us and the kids. 

Josh H - Sports
I love how you can bond with people through sports even if you can’t speak their language. Brice and I were playing soccer at the orphanage and we were having so much fun. 

Brice - Samuel
He was just my bro. I just hung out with him a lot. He took me everywhere. Lets do this race, get that soccer ball. Introducing me to his friends. He had so much joy. 

Larissa - Blessed 
Because I am blessed to be able to be here in Haiti with so many amazing people and getting to know you guys. This year God blessed me with enough money to come and more to spend it on the people I love while I am here. 

Maya - Treasures
I could see the little treasures God sprinkled over us today — especially at the orphanage. The kids had such big smiles, the people that cared for them are such treasures from God. Everybody here is so important and I can see the light of God in everybody. 

Rob - Photo
Way earlier today at home, sweet home orphanage Lea asked me to fill out the guest book and I was flipping through. They had a couple photos and a bunch of the kids came over to look at it with me and they knew all the names of the people in the photos who had visited them. 

Abbie - Names 
When we were at the orphanage today we were playing this game and the kids would mix our names up even though they knew our actual names. It was a sweet reminder of how important names are and how much significant they are. My name means father’s joy. As a Christian I love my name and it is a reminder to me. 

Lizzy - Content 
This morning sitting on the tap-tap a wave of peace came over me, like I knew I am supposed to be here. Also at the orphanage this kid fell asleep with me at the orphanage and he was so good. Even though my back was cramping up I felt like I was so good with where I was at. 

Katie - Tough
I was pushing a girl in a wheel chair but the chair’s wheels were deflated so it was tough to push it but when I did it she had so much joy and laughter. After awhile it got tough but I just thought it is nothing compared to how tough her life is. 

Daphne - Smileness 
While I was at the orphanage today all I saw was smiles. It was so cool to see. These kids don’t have someone that they can call mom and dad like we all do but it was cool to see how happy they were and all of their smiles. Also all the workers had smiles on their faces when we arrived.

Drew - Steps 
I had the chance to walk around the special needs orphanage with a boy named Daniel as he pulled me on this path that he wanted to walk on and then later I got to get more steps pushing a girl around in a wheel chair in the hot sun while she smiled and laughed. 

Graham - Popillion 
I really liked that place and spending time with you guys. I loved that tour. It was cool to see what God is doing and how they have gone from 5 employees to 200. 

Bella - Eyes
Every interaction I had at the orphanage the kids I held just looked into my eyes. One boy pointed at my eyes and held my face to look at me. It is a connection I think I don’t always think about, to look in someone’s eyes. Also back at the compound the people I have been talking to have been looking directly in my eyes. 

Ann - Awakening 
When we got to the orphanage the lady didn’t know we were coming and she didn’t know what to do with all of us. Then Austin started playing his guitar. I loved how the kids just got their groove on. The music was so powerful in those kids lives. I loved watching them dance in their chairs and play their own instruments along. 

Austin - Universal 
I was playing music and I had to girls very close to me. It was awesome. One girl was hugging me the whole time and another girl was pounding on the guitar and listening and slapping me. She clearly wanted to be close to the music. Its good for me to remember that music can communicate something and connect people. 

Josh M - Surprised 
I was excited to play with all the kids because I had so much fun doing that yesterday. Then we got to this orphanage and we walked into a room with a baby who was crying and looked like he was in pain. After I saw that I didn’t think it was going to be very fun. But then Austin started to play music and it started to be so much fun. The kids were so excited to see everyone. The whole thing was surprising to me. 

Emma - Feet 
First, at our orphanage, sweet home, I saw this girl immediately whose name was Natalie. She stayed with me this whole time. God answered my prayer from the day before to connect with someone. The first thing she did was get on her hands and kick her feet up at me and have me walk her around the gazebo. I loved spending time with her. 
Second, I feel like God has been saying that I need to open a lot of cans of worms which is not what I wanted to do but I think God is giving me this opportunity and saying to me, if you want to walk with me you have to trudge through the mud first. 

Annika C - Perspective
At the special needs orphanage the lady was telling me the stories about how their kids got to the orphanage. I started comparing it to my own life because it felt in a way similar to the way I would be living if I had been born in that circumstance. I almost started feeling like I was at a higher better level but then I felt God telling me, well I love them the same as you. Stop looking at the circumstances. 

Note: Shayla went to bed early. 

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