Sunday, August 6, 2017

Word of the Day August 6

Each day we debrief our experiences by each picking a word of the day and describing why we picked that word. 

Lizzy - Breathe
We were sitting with lawn chairs in the ocean and waves were coming in and I was thinking with each wave it is like the ocean is breathing. It was really calming and peaceful. 

Joanna - Praises
Because I was able to worship with the Haitians. It was fun to notice some of the tunes even though the words were different.

Noelle - People
Today we met a lot of people who were at the beach. We met some UN soldiers from Brazil who were relaxing at the beach. I really like to meet new people. They spoke Portuguese and it was kind of similar to Spanish so we were able to communicate a bit.

Abbie - Language
This morning I realized we can praise God in whatever language because it doesn’t matter. I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t understand what they were saying. At the beach I realized that I could have a whole conversation with these Brazilian soldiers even though their was a language barrier but our shared understanding of Spanish allowed for our conversation. 

Annika S - Connection
I felt like I really connected with those Brazilian soldiers we met. Also on the tap tap we passed another tap tap of Americans and we yelled at each other and felt an instant connection. 

Emmy - Refreshment
The ocean was a perfect way to end this trip and it refreshed me and made me feel so good.

Shayla - Memories
I have so many good memories on this trip and made lots of unique bonds. 

Braeden - Loud
This morning at church I know that I couldn’t understand them and then at certain points I couldn’t hear any words because it was so loud. It was so cool to see everyone worshipping. 

Josh H - Intensity
The worship leader was just going off. He was screaming and the music was super loud but really cool. Also Robbie and I had some intense spike ball matches today.

Josh M - Fun
This whole day was fun, the trip was really fun. It was fun to hang out with people and make new relationships. 

Annika C - Snorkle
Going snorkeling was the highlight of my day.

Lea - Wonder
Oh my gosh I found a happy place for Lea snorkeling. This trip was harder for me, I had to choose very single day to embrace the day with a wonder and a belief that I could have a new experience or see new things. God invited me to choose wonder every day. 

Emma - Unlimited 
At the church I loved looking around and seeing people going all at it worshipping. The worship leader was having a great time. I didn’t know the lyrics so I just started praying and I said, “God I love how you don’t set limits.” 

Tori - Closure
I spent a lot of time thinking about these last two trips to Haiti. They have been different but equally amazing. I love the relationships I built last year and the new ones this year. I thought, this could be my last time in Haiti. It was bitter sweet. This is a beautiful country and I am glad I could have that experience.

Robbie - Stars
When we were hanging out on the balcony I would look up at a single star and think that star is millions of light years away and one of hundreds of billions in the galaxy and I saw a metal market sign that quoted Psalm 119 and said God spoke the stars into creation and knows them by name. It is amazing to think that in the vastness God knows us all. 

Daphne - Beauty
Earlier this week I shared that I thought of Haiti as a dump or a slum but this trip I realized Haiti is such a beautiful place. Going snorkeling was really cool, it was cool to see Haiti below water. I think Haiti is so beautiful. 

Maya - Reflect
Today was a really chill day to look back at everything we’ve done, the bonds we’ve made and what God has done among us. I am really proud of us and glad we could all experience this but also sad it is ending. 

Graham - Accomplished
I feel I’ve accomplished my first week in Haiti, writing 25 journals and accomplished making a lot of new friendships. 

Bella - Cherish
In the midst of the fun and the busyness I would stop and look around and think, wow God cherishes each and one of these people on my team so much and now I cherish them so much now that I know them better.

Brice - Voices 
I loved hearing the voices in church. Their voices penetrate. You can hear the pain and the desperation for God. You can hear the meaning of what they are saying. So when they say, God you are the only one for me they aren’t just singing it to sing it. 

Lauren - Different
I am a very different person from who I was when I left here last year. Also there were a lot of things that were different about this day then other days. The experience that I had this year was different compared to last year but both were equally impactful. 

Katie - Impact
I spent a lot of time reflecting on the trip and the impact we made, the water we filled and the kids we held. I started thinking about all the organizations we worked through and the positive impact they are making. 

Larissa - Mother 
Over this last week I have made so many connections with a lot of people, with most of you. I found myself today doing whatever I could do today to make sure you were happy and healthy and make sure you had everything you needed. I wanted to make you happy and just be there for you. I was rubbing Emma’s back on the tap tap ride home. I made the tap tap clean. I love you all so much. 

Ann - Mountains
I just love being in the ocean and I got to be on the fishing boat and put my feet in the warm clear blue water. Seeing the coral reefs and the mountains and enjoying God’s creation. 

Austin - Keepsake 
We’ve all had the opportunity to develop relationships. This week more than any other I have developed relationships with people who live here which is cool. But what I get to bring back is the relationships, stories and friendships that we have which I think is really cool. 

Drew - Leaders
I am so thankful for Ann and Brice and Austin and Lea. We had amazing leaders on our trip. 

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