Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Woodridge day 2

We all survived a little turbulence, and a few delays, and made it safely to Haiti!! 

Today we all woke up well rested, and ready for our first day of serving.  At about 9:30 this morning we headed out to Cite Solel, where we delivered water from water trucks to neighborhoods that can't get to it themselves. We also got the great joy of hugging and hanging out with all of the kids of the city, at each of three stops. Each team member had amazing and impactful experiences, we thought we would share a few:
"At our second water truck stop of the day, myself, and a few other team members, all began to teach large group of kids the hokie- pokie! It became quite the catch, and turned into a whole dance party! "
- Emmy Bottiger
" As the kids anxiously awaited at door of the tap- tap, yelling "hey you" I was instantly flooded with just pure joy. The second I stepped out a girl named belove attached to me arm, and I was able to just pick her up and shower her in love and affection." 
- Joanna Porter 
"In the midst of the initial crowd of team members, children, and people waiting to fill up their buckets with water at the beginning of our third stop a little boy named James who was no older than 3 or 4 found his way to me and asked to be held. After a minute or two of being with him he looked over and then pointed for me to look too, there was a woman with a few empty buckets walking with a little girl who appeared to possibly have some sort of special needs and wasn't paid much attention to by the other children. James quickly had me put him down and ran over to the two who i later figured out was his mother and sister. James brought the little girl to me and wanted me hold and spend time with her instead of him. He obviously cared more about his sister getting love than he did himself. It is moments like this that make Haiti so amazing to me."
-Tori Holmquist

After a long but incredible day of serving, we were were to have fun cooling off by taking a swim in the near by hotel pool. 

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