Friday, August 4, 2017

Woodridge church, August 4th

Josh H. - Recovery- It is so remarkable how haiti has recovered from the earthquake just 7 years ago. 

Lea - Proud - So proud of the team for laying themselves down to love and serve the elderly

Joanna- Hard- It was a hard day of serving, but also hard to leave the elders once we were there

Daphne- Yes- It’s really hard to believe that God is always saying “yes” to us, but He is always saying “yes, I love you”. We just don't know how His yes is going to look. 

Emmy- Unexpected- At the third elder visit, I was affected by her story and it moved me to unexpected tears. 

Josh M. - emotional- Finding out that one of the elders had just lost her husband and son made me feel so sad for her. 

Annika C.- Free- returning to see Jude Jean Paul this year was different than when I saw him last year. But this time when I saw him I felt confident that someday he will be free from his sick body. 

Tori- Optimistic- The woman who had just lost her family went around and hugged each one of us and was so sweet and optimistic. I remembered that no matter what you go through there is always something to be thankful for. 

Lizzy- Breeze- Every time I felt down or just overwhelmed with the heat, God sent a breeze to comfort me and keep me going. 

Larissa- Desire - I prayed that God would give me a moment to stop being inhibited by my insecurity and be free and enjoy a moment. And He have that to me. God will fulfill every desire we have. 

Lauren - Blessed- The rain in Haiti is such a blessing. I feel blessed when it rains here. Also, when we visited Jude Jean Paul, i knew that our job was just simply to bless him. 

Maya- Hope- Today at grace village I saw how God is transforming haiti through his love. 

Bella- Fearless- 1. The elders fearlessly receive love from us. 2. At grace village I met a boy who had a fearless desire to try new things and ask deep questions. 

Ann- Amen- I just love watching our students serve and seeing how much they get it and served with such heart. 

Braeden- Touch- Today I massaged more people(the elderly) than I ever have in my life- and it was awesome. I was emotionally and mentally touched by them too. 

Austin- Close Up-  We get to be close-up with each other and with the Haitians here, without the things that normally separate humans. 

Graham- Shoutout- Shoutout to grace village for everything that they do.

Robby- Annikaka- I introduced our friend annika as Annikaka to kindergarten boys and they thought it was so funny. 

Annika- Beauty- I saw so much of God’s beauty today. today was joyful even though we saw hard things. 

Abbie- Emotions- I had a wide range of emotions today- sorrow over the earthquake, and joy with the elders, and hopeful at grace village. 

Katie- Appreciated- One of the elders we saw was waiting for us to arrive because she was so excited, and if felt great to serve her. 

Noelle- Faith- so many of the kids at Grace and the elders have been through so much, yet they still have such a strong faith. 

Emma- Look- I identified this rock that was porous and dry, and when I looked closer i saw that there was a flower growing out of it. God reminded me that new things can grow out of the driest of places. 

Brice- Deposit- Every week when the elders are visited, they are given a deposit of love. Over time these add up, and bloom into awesome things. 

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