Saturday, August 12, 2017

PEACE | Adaptable | Togetherness

Day 6 in Haiti...

Where did the time go? As I write today's post, I find myself wondering this. The week has flown by!

We started our day with a devotion about PEACE; not only is our God the great peacemaker, but we are also called to be peacemakers. This can be quite a task, here in Haiti AND back home. Our tendency as humans is to react with conflict, focusing on our differences. This is evident every day at home, in relationships, at work, with politics, religion, and all around the world. What I experienced today was nothing but PEACE.

Our first stop was the La Phare orphanage. The kids were incredible; positive, happy, kind, respectful. The environment was a little disorganized but I observed a team of individuals (with Sandy's leadership) quickly adapt, full of the Holy Spirit, and fill the time with these sons of daughters of our Lord! Becky even felt lead to assist one of the female workers with the laundry (this blessed me personally). This place was full of love, hope, and PEACE from Jesus, our great peacemaker.

Our second stop was the beach! We enjoyed a time of togetherness, fellowship, stillness, and above all... PEACEPEACE in God's timing, God's hope, God's perfect story that we are all a part of, and God's beautiful world He created for us.

Our third stop was Fleri Resto. WOW, what an inspiring mission of Healing Haiti, with God as their leader, guide, and provider. We ate the most delicious pizza, served by the kindest server, at a restaurant in Titanyen built for the purpose of strengthening families, creating jobs, and sustainability. Talk about PEACE!!!

Lastly, something very special happened right before I started writing this blog. Our team was offered the opportunity to split up and ride in two Tap Tap vehicles tomorrow to provide extra comfort. Everyone agreed... no thank you! It was a beautiful display of sacrifice, togetherness, and camaraderie. What a blessing to join a group of strangers, and because of the connection through our Lord Jesus, are forever bonded and would chose to stay together in lieu of comfort. The PEACE I feel being a part of this team, serving the great peacemaker and His sons and daughters (our brothers and sisters) in Haiti, has been an honor and privilege.

In the name of loving and PEACEful Lord Jesus,


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