Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 3

We started off our day on an hour long tap-tap ride, which ended up being only five miles. Our destination was Monfort Deaf Academy which is a school for deaf children, and helps prepare them for the world outside of the academy. They also have a farm on their property where they have the opportunity to use animals as school projects. We also discovered a wonderful fruit called Knip,  It is a small green grape-like fruit with a pit in the middle. They are highly addictive, and we have been eating them all day long. We then went to the Croix De Bouquet Metal Market where we learned how to bargain for amazing metal masterpieces. After

another bumpy ride, we stopped at Sweet Home Orphanage, which is a home for 26 children aged 3 months to 17 years. We expected to be able to play and hold the kids, but sadly, we arrived during their nap time. Instead, we were given a tour of the property and promised the director we would be back on Monday morning to interact with the children. We ended our day with a nice refreshing swim at the hotel pool, and then proceeded with an intense game of Spikeball. It was an informational day and a day of building friendships.

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