Sunday, April 9, 2017

Greetings again from Port-au-Prince for almost the last time from this awesome crew.   Being it is Sunday, we had the opportunity to attend church at Grace Village.  In Haiti, church is a unique experience.    Even though singing, praying and preaching in Haitian Creole is not totally understandable to we Americans, in some ways it is totally understandable.    Humility and true worship come to mind as we witnessed love for our Lord in the leaders as well as our Haitian brothers and sisters in attendance.    Back on the Tap-Tap for a ride up the coast to Wahoo Bay Resort.   This proved to be a place where we were given the chance to enjoy the sun (between raindrops) beach vendor food and souvenirs,  ocean front activities and the chance to relax.    The long ride back was great for Hector and me in first class (cab with the driver), but the other 14 experienced the rain and dust in "coach" seating.  On the way, we stopped at one of the many roadside stands for Haitian delicacies.    Each night we have had team time, and this evenings last team time was especially meaningful.   These get togethers have been time to reflect on each day's activities and tonight we also discussed what it will mean to re-enter life in the United States.   Even though we really want to share the events of our trip with our friends and family, it may prove to be a challenge.   How do you explain life changing experiences?   Words seem inadequate.   Having said that, we do want to talk about our trip and let you and all the world know that God is working in Haiti, that the Haitians are beautiful people, that Healing Haiti provided excellent opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, that we experienced life change by serving others.   Our team has been an outstanding group.  Sixteen people of various ages and backgrounds came together to encourage Haitians and it turned out they were remarkable at encouraging each other as well.  Funny how all of that can happen. Is God not sovereign?!  We ask for your prayers as we wrap things up tomorrow morning, and fly back to Minnesota in the afternoon.   Stay tuned for our final blog tomorrow from the airport.

Thanks for reading.

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