Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Water Filled Day

          The group took the tap-tap down the windy roads kicking up dust down to a town called Cite Soleil which is one of the poorest communities in the country. The houses are made primarily by whatever they can find out of the rubbish on the ground, or things that they grab out of the sewer before someone else desperately wants it. We pulled up and our tap-tap driver named Brunei honked the horn a couple of times throughout driving the couple blocks that we did. Almost immediately we saw kids and women running up to the truck with buckets to fill with water or just to touch our hands. As we opened the door to the back of the caged truck all we heard was, "hey you!" or, "potem," which means pick me up in Creole. Over the course of 30 minutes to an hour depending on how chaotic people got we would try to manage the hundreds of people with their buckets and fill them up to the brim with water out of a water truck that we had to follow into the city. The joy on these kids faces as soon as we picked them up or danced with them or even just gave them a little splash of water was outstanding. We stopped at three cities over the course of the day and we were exhausted!! We had an amazing time filling up buckets and buckets of water or carrying them into the tiny allies leading from slum to slum. Here is a picture of the joy that is on this little girls face to have a bucket of water.

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